About Us

The team at Hadron Engineering Ltd has over 50 years combined experience in the Air Blower industry and specialises in the supply of Air Blowers, Industrial Compressed Air Blowers, Positive Displacement Bi-Lobe and Tri Lobe Blowers and Air Blower Packages, Side Channel Blowers and Vehicle Blowers.


All our Bare-Shaft Air Blowers, Industrial Compressed Air Blowers and Package Sets are fully tested and test certificates are available on request.


From our base in Gloucestershire we are able to provide everything you need, from new Bare-Shaft Air Blowers, Industrial Compressed Air Blowers and Blowing Set Packages, Regular Service and Maintenance Contracts, right down to all the Spares and Parts you will need to keep your systems running at optimum efficiency. You can find out even more about us and our products by reading below:


Our air blowers include features such as:


  • Oil at both gear and drive ends, for ease of maintenance.
  • Cast iron, ribbed casings to ensure adequate heat dispersal and increased rigidity.
  • Dynamically balanced rotors which reduce vibration and noise.
  • Self tensioning belt drives, reducing wear and service times.
  • Easily accessible complete package units.

Set of HB Blowers